Complete Communications was recognized by CIO Review Magazine as one of the 20 most promising CISCO Solution Providers – 2017

“According to Gartner, SD-WAN technology will account for 40 percent of the entire network infrastructure by 2020. And with that, the current MPLS framework is expected to face its twilight years. In sync with these trends, Complete Communications builds ROI and manages the circuit implementation for organizations looking to deploy SD-WAN. Complete Communications’ focal point revolves around the predicaments in MPLS framework, one of which is its exorbitant cost. As per Blake Darling, President and CEO of Complete Communications, the most expensive spend for a company after payroll is MPLS and carrier services. Complete Communications presents cost saving alternatives that SD-WAN can bring and at the same time achieve parity among speed, performance, and price from an architectural standpoint.”

About Complete Communications

Founded in 2002, Complete Communications is the solution provider that works for the customers, to find the right solution for their business communication needs. Headquartered in Utah, U.S., it also works with a network of software, phone equipment, and cloud VARs to help in analyzing and proposing complete solutions to its clients. For more information, visit: