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A couple examples of how we have worked our magic…

Case Studies

Complete Communications has helped hundreds of clients save money on their communication systems.

Case Study: Call Center

A client sought our assistance in reducing their monthly long distance bill. They were spending over $15,000 a month on long distance with a single provider. Through Complete Communications’ extensive carrier relations, we went to work for them. Through our findings we were able to bring the customer a two-tier, one carrier solution managed under one bill, and their bill was cut in HALF! Complete Communications was able to save them $7,500 a month and avoid redundancy at the same time.

Case Study: Enterprise

A large enterprise customer with multiple locations came to Complete Communications for assistance. Their existing provider was selling resold circuits into the customer network. Through Complete Communications’ ability to access fiber maps on a real time basis, we were able to find providers that actually had fiber to locations, bringing cost down and speed up.  By analyzing their existing network, we determined how we could save them money and increase speed through on-site or built in fiber.

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